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EAFV stands for East Anglian Financial Voice.
We are a group of principals from leading firms of financial advisers across the East of England.

East of England

The East Anglian Financial Voice forum is a group of principals from leading firms of financial advisers across the East of England. We believe that everyone should have access to high quality, unbiased financial advice and by sharing information and training resources, we can deliver the highest standards of excellence and transparency.

Our combined voice also gives us another benefit: together we form a powerful lobby group that can hold a dialogue with both Government and the Financial Conduct Authority about the future regulation of our industry. We can also use our joint strength to press for the raising of standards within the large insurance companies who provide the plans, pensions and products available to advisers.

Many may find it strange that we as competitors in the advice industry should share our views so freely with each other. We believe that by working together, we can help the financial advice sector to continue to grow in quality and professionalism and that we can promote a wider understanding of the issues facing firms today.

EAFV's remit is to provide a forum for firm principals to identify current industry issues, discuss the impact of these issues on their businesses and respond with a collective voice where appropriate.

Collective voice

Collective voice

We meet quarterly to share experiences and discuss issues as changes in regulation and problems encountered with specific product providers.

Sharing resources

Sharing resources

We arrange combined training sessions and we also share resources for staff examination and preparation.


Support & Collaboration

We also support and collaborate with each other with marketing initiatives, promotional events and advertising.

EAFV was established in July 2012 in response to the impending shake-up of the financial services industry.

On 1 January 2013 the Financial Services Authority's Retail Distribution Review known as RDR came into effect with new professional qualification standards and transparent charging structures for the provision of financial advice. RDR broke the link between the products recommended and the cost of the advice process: today's IFA is highly qualified and charges a fee for his or her services.

There are further changes still to come in the industry which will bring new challenges to firms. EAFV will champion advice firms in discussions with the Financial Conduct Authority and will provide commentary when issues surrounding the advice sector are raised in the media.